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Most terrifying things about deep web that 90% users don't know 2017

   Hello guys! i am Sufyan Minhas. How are you today? This time i am going to share about Deep Web for you guys. Hope you will find this article helpful. Many people just know about Deep Web that it exist, but they really not know about Deep Web or Dark Net. So, today i will share interesting knowledge about Deep Web or Dark Net.


  This article contains some graphical content that will not suitable for some users. If you are child or narrow minded so leave this page.

Surface Web:

   Also called visible web Refers to the World Wide Web that we use daily by using our search engine like Google or Bing. By using this we can search anything all around the world but not like the deep web. It is said that the search engines that we use like Google, Yahoo, Bing contains only less than 6% of the internet.

Deep Web:

   Deep web refers to a hidden content f the World Wide Web that is not indexed by the most search engines like Google or Yahoo for any reason. You will have the address of the site you want to visit. You must have direction to go to the web address.  For instance, Government use deep web for storing data or some typical information that can only be access by the Government servant who knows the address. They need some login information to access the web pages i.e. typical information. Deep web contains more than 96% of the entire internet. The deep web sites accepts only bitcoin if anyone want to buy something, must have BTC to buy. This is because bitcoin transactions are not tracable and buyers and sellers remain anonymous.

Dark Net: 

   Many people got confuse about Deep Web and the Dark Net. Dark Net is not the Deep Web. It is the subset of the Deep Web. Dark Net is the network that provides access to the deep web. Example of such networks is TOR (The Onion Router), I2P, Freenet.  Before using deep web pages, you will have to download this browser. TOR uses some protocol for anonymity called TOR Hidden Protocol Service. The sites that are listed on the TOR have special .onion address. For this reason, TOR is also called Onionland. Freenet, contains many criminal activities like TOR. 

Hidden Wiki of the Dark Web:

   The deep web also contains their Hidden Wiki to access the hidden web pages of the deep web. The Hidden Wiki contains many Illegal web pages that a normal man cannot even think about that activities that are going on the deep web.

Surfing Deep Web is Ilegal Or Not?   

    Of course, surfing deep web is illegal. One should avoid visiting illegal web pages of the deep web. But there is a point that in our daily life we also use some illegal stuff like downloading movies from torrent, downloading music before releasing date is illegal. But no one catch you. If you are not secure while visiting deep web then you can be easily caught by the agency if you do illegal work.

Safety Tips While Using Deep Web:

   * Use VPN other than TOR while using deep web pages from Tor like you should use CyberGhost VPN.

   * Don't use deep web just for fun as it is scary and weird.

   * Don't trust anyone in the deep web.

   * Don't use deep web in the public places.

   * While visiting chat rooms, cover your webcam properly and plug off you mic.

   * Must keep an eye on your IP by searching "My IP" in the Google after every 10 minutes.

   *  Don't visit Child Porn sites on the dark web as it is illegal and you can get caught by the Police.

  * Don't download anything from the TOR like torrent files or any format image or video.

  * Don't hire someone to kill anyone.

  *  Don't buy weapons or drugs from the black markets.

Illegal Activities On the Dark web:

    There are so many illegal activities that are going on the deep web. But most of them are very famous on the dark web that are described below one by one.

Drugs Markets:

    Many deep web markets sells drugs. These drugs from cocaine to the Marijuana and other drugs are being selling on the deep web at low prizes.

Carding (Fraud):

   There is another illegal activity that is being going on in the dark web is the illegal sales of the stolen credit cards. These credit cards are stolen by the criminals or their details are hacked by the hackers of the deep web. About million dollars per month are being stolen by the credit card fraud. People buy these cards at low prizes high balance cards and they use them at the ATM all over the world. But most people get caught by the police for using stolen cards in the ATM.

Hacked PayPal Accounts:

   The other terrifying thing n the deep web is the selling of Stolen or Hacked PayPal accounts. These accounts are easy available on the dark net. From $50 thousands of dollars, accounts are being selling. The more money you give, the more balanced loaded accounts you will get. These accounts are mostly of the Americans or Canadians citizens and other Eurepean countries peoples.

Deadly Weapons For Sale:

    On the other hand, there are other black markets on the dark web that provides illegal weapons to the people. These weapons range from pistols to highly recommended guns.
    Keep in mind that a few days ago, a canadian citizen got arrested in attempt to buy weapons from the deep web. Buying guns is more terrifying than carding.

Passports and Citizenship:

   Some of the sites on the dark web provides passports and citizenship of the many western countries. Like UK passports are easily available. But these passports are not Government issued passports. These passports are just like real ones but you can get trapped using these passports.
   Citizenship of USA and UK can easily be become by paying money to these guys. Most of these cards looks real and cannot be easily tracable.

Fake and Laundered Currency:

     Fake Americans dollars and other currency notes of many countries that are famous can be easily available on the dark net. These notes are not 100% genuine but a common man cannot make difference b/w these notes and real ones.
     Laundered currency notes of the American dollars and euros can be buy by the common man. Although. these notes are not fake but these notes are laundered and it is illegal. Cash is King is very famous site on the dark net.

Hitman Services:

The most terrifying activity on the deep web is the hitman services. These guys kill other people for money. They are mostly criminals and terrorist that can do nothing for money. They can beat anyone, kill or rape of the girl. Some people claimed these criminals mostly to be fake.

Red Rooms:

   The very dangerous activity on the deep web is the dark rooms. In these rooms, live killing of the innocent man and womans stream there. Anyone can become a spectator. To watch live streaming, one should have thusands of dollars. You will have to pay about 10 BTC to become a Master and 1 BTC to become a spectator.


This is only for educational purposes. I am not forcing you to visit deep web or buy illegal things from deep web. I am not responsible for any difficulty if you got caught.

So that's all for today. Like it? or Want more on deep web? Let me know in the comment section or contact me @

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