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How to get 1000+ Likes in Facebook trick to get auto like 2016 By Sufyan Hacker

Hello friends today i am back with latest Facebook trick...
we are going to discuss how to get maximum number of like of your status(more than 1000+) and make your friend astonish.
Now You want to know how to get these many why to waste time lets begins...
so here i am providing you the tricks to do it.
This Can be Done Without Using Any Software Or Without knowing Any Programming Language just simple basics of internet browsing is needed.

Follow the steps

step 1:
Go to your privacy Settings and change your Privacy Settings To Public.
Step 2:
Go here And Allow Suscribers

Now , Comes The main step...
Just By Using Some Sites :-
These Site Use your Access Token And provide you mass amout of likes with the help of others access Tokens.

Huge Collection of sites to perform auto like Trick in facebook Password:


(if You use all these sites then i am sure you will get more than 10000+ likes :) )

Use these Trick before Facebook Patches IT
Some of the Site must not be working as they are banned Or server must be down

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